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Father Frosts Gear Up for The New Year

It takes more than just a white beard, a plump belly and a svelte Snegurochka to be a good Ded Moroz these days.

That, at least, is what participants at the first annual International Ded Moroz Forum, currently running at the All-Russian Exhibition Center, appear to believe.
The forum aims to give Russia's most enthusiastic Father Frosts a chance to gear up for the New Year.
The event, which began Monday, has attracted about 500 attendees from Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. China and more than 40 regions of Russia for a series of holiday-themed meetings and competitions. About 100 organizations are represented at the forum, including numerous merchants who have come bearing New Year's decorations, foods and drinks. Any aspiring Ded Moroz will be able to find the latest Moroz-wear, while revelers will be able to equip themselves with a range of innovative and high-tech New Year's regalia.
Saturday will be Kids' Day at the forum, with musicians and even old-fashioned swings. The forum ends Sunday with a closing ceremony that will include the awarding of the Ded Moroz of the Year award.
More information about the forum can be found at www.dedmoros.ru.      

A Ded Moroz trying out a scooter at the weeklong International Ded Moroz Forum.

“THE MOSCOW TIMES” November 16, 2001